Aug 23, 2013

Tips + Tricks: A Gallery Wall

10 Tips + Tricks For A Perfect Gallery Wall

1. The first step to creating a successful gallery wall is to pick work you love. 

2. Select artworks of different mediums such as photography, watercolor or collage.

3. Choose works of different sizes to create an interesting play of shapes.

4. Play with different mat sizes. For a small work such as a Polaroid, choose an oversized mat for a more substantial look. 

5. Juxtapose frames of different sizes, colors, and textures. 

6. Lay out your works on the floor in advance to determine your perfect layout.

7. Smaller frames look better grouped while larger works need more space.

8. When installing work over furniture, make sure to leave eight inches between the base of the frame and the top of the furniture. 

9. Do not center the works for a more interesting and organic feel.

10. Don't over think it and have fun!

{Images courtesy of Pinterest}

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