Mar 21, 2012

DRIP ™: Competing against low wages made products

A lot of questions are raised on how are we going to compete against similar products that produce at low wages countries such as in China ,India or South Americas.

Based on our feasibility study on our product calculation and market research, we found that our products could have a niche market by itself due to its design concept as well as based on how the products are manufactured. The product's quality and refresh rate are enhanced by continuously making innovative products.

We are using a rapid prototyping process to build our product that reduce the build-up time to produce. We do not have a huge inventory in the process except for a small amount of products thus it cuts overall production cost.

The other advantage is that the process also minimize product error while maintaining quality of the product.

Each product is designed to have an optimum use of the raw material (less disposal) integrated during design process, prototyping as well as during production.

Drip Square Table