Aug 30, 2013

Home Decor: Wicker Baskets

Five Ways To Use Wicker Baskets

Finding places to tuck away everyday clutter is a challenge. A versatile solution is the wicker basket. Wicker baskets provide instant storage solutions in any room
and add a rustic yet modern touch. Here are five ways to use wicker baskets in your home.

1. Clean Kitchen

Hide away pots and pans in your kitchen by lining up baskets underneath your kitchen island. Selecting a series of identical baskets makes for a curated and clean way for kitchen clutter to disappear.

2. Blanket Storage

Store away blankets in the living room in an interesting shaped wicker basket. The stark white couch juxtaposed with the wicker basket makes for a fresh modern look.


3. Wicker Basket DIY

Wicker baskets can also be easily spray painted to go with any decor. Spray painting the baskets silver gives the classic wicker basket an updated and modern feel. 

4. Reading Nook

Organize your books, magazines, and newspapers into smaller wicker baskets on shelves for a clean crisp reading nook.

 5. Awkward Spaces

Hide away awkward spaces of your home like a radiator by placing different sized baskets in front. This look not only provides extra storage but also is adds a textural design element to a hard to decorate space.

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