Aug 18, 2012

the Peanut: pet bowl for cats and small dogs

the Peanut
pet bowl for cats and small dogs
By Drip Module

the Peanut is a pet bowl for cats and small Dogs. It’s top frame is made of one piece of applePly, with a precise cut to it’s size and shape on a CNC machine, stainless steel legs and orange resin connector on it’s center.

The bowls that could easily be removed and cleaned are modular and interchangeable. They are attached in place by two strong thin magnets to top frame. One side of the bowl is for water and the other side is for food. Choice of Black matte color, White glossy color or Black and White combination.

It’s soft and round edges are playful and an inviting gesture to dogs and cats as well as a pleasing form to their human companion.

Your Pet deserves the best ! 

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