Apr 23, 2012

Dual Function desk Clock and wall clock

This clock has dual function as a desk clock and a wall clock. 
It is a wall clock but sometimes it likes to be called a desk clock.
It's Orange color but sometimes it's color is Yellow, Blue or just plain White. It's a Modern Minimalist Desk Clock as well as Wall Clock in one.

The front facing is simple and classic, made of semi-translucent Acrylic with a simplified hand-clock.
Side and rear looks are minimalist and good looking too, so put it at your desk at work with the rear facing your co-worker. 
Wanna envy your co-worker? Change it's color to be different on each days.
When you get tired looking at it, put it on the wall above your cubicle. Great for gifts too.

Thank you for all your feedbacks that we received since our clock's initial launch on Etsy. We appreciate for your time and efforts to give us your feedback. We listen and we keep improving our products, that what makes us different.
So here are some improvements that we've made:
- Removable desk holder will be included in a new clock package.
- Additional Center Discs (Blue, White and Orange color) will be offered as a package.
- Improved new clock hands design and new almost un-breakable material but it's flexible.
- Nail and Battery will be included.

Let us know what do you think ....
To all first buyers, we are sending you a free clock upgrade - check your mail box in these few days ;) 

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