Nov 19, 2011

Comments Received

We heard are some comments that we received.
Thank you to all of you who submitted the comment, encouragement as well as criticism to be able for us to improve our website and our products.
note: we’ve added some splash color to the images !!

Damn! It looks so cool. How are you going to promote to stores, etc?
Excited to see where it goes. Very nice.

.......better you add more color to make more cheerful.
Or, how about trying to change the back ground color from black to brighter color ..
Maybe it will probably make things look more prominent..
Yeah your website it's easy to access n simple.  Very cool..

I saw your website, it's simple and easy to access
but maybe you need more color :-)
to make it not feels gloomy
at least for me :-)), I like colorful things!)

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